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New Orleans, Again

Posted by Laurie Frost on August 30, 2009

More views of New Orleans from the Library of Congress. Credits below.


The old Ursuline convent, interior and upper story,and Spanish moss. Photographed in the 1920s by Arnold Genthe.









Canal St. 1901 or 023a00154r3a49161r










Two by Walker Evans for the Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information: “Movie theatre on Saint Charles Street, Liberty Theater” and “Frame houses.”



Credits: All photographs are from the Library of Congress

Image identifier numbers [bracketed note added]:

LC-G391-T-0825 [ Window and stairway]

LC-G406-0059 [Ursuline convent]

LC-G391-T-1417 [Spanish moss]

LC-USZ6-148 [half stereo card]

LC-USZ62-49034 [horses right]

LC-USF342- 001285-A [theatre]

LC-USF342- 008060-E [houses]

2 Responses to “New Orleans, Again”

  1. Images are very important to me. It is hard to find good ones.
    In this case I was pleased to find this site; however I would like to have larger photographs to see details more clearly. Date and background information is also desired.

    Thank you.

    In Christ Jesus yours,
    Peter Joel Harrison / Author

    • havealittletalk said

      What you need to do to get larger images with greater resolution, as well as dating information, is to visit the Library of Congress’s Prints & Photographs Online Catalog at

      On this post, I listed the bibliographic/card catalog/ image numbers for each at the bottom of the page. So let’s say you wanted to see the Spanish Moss picture. Its ID number is LC-G391-T-1417. Put this in the Search box. Then click on the image or its title. You will see dating info [in this case, between 1920 and 1926].

      You also will see download options; in this case, a JPEG (25kb) or a TIFF (138b).

      It’s a trade-off with how big an image to use in my posts: people with slow dial-up connections are a concern.

      Let me know if I can be of further help.

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