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“Animals in Human Situations”: A Subject Heading in the Library of Congress

Posted by Laurie Frost on June 13, 2010

I can’t remember what I was looking for in the Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs Online catalog when I came across the subject heading, “Animals in Human Situations.” But I had to have a look. Restricting my search to those with “no known restrictions on publication,” here is a sampling of what I found.

The amount of information known about these images varies. For a few I’ve been able to include summaries which are copied from the Library of Congress catalog. Titles of the images are also those in the catalog.

David Belasco's new farcical comedy, Naughty Anthony

“David Belasco’s new farcical comedy, Naughty Anthony.”  c. 1899. [LC- 68998]

The young swell

” The young swell.” Published: c. Sept. 14,  1869 [LC-DIG-ppmsca-05590]

"Sure Catch" sticky fly paper

 bet. 1853 and 1898 [LC-DIG-ppmsca-18586]

Bock beer

  c. 1882  [LC-USZC2-1322]

Two jolly kittens at a feast

 by  Th. Kelly, c. 1874. [LC-USZ62-96540] 

[Chimpanzee in clothing at door of automobile, with three men, at Napoleon Hippodrome]

Chimpanzee in clothing at door of automobile, with three men, at Napoleon Hippodrome [1907-1916?]  [LC-USZ62-112118]

[Elephant caddie on Miami, Florida, golf course]

“Elephant caddie on Miami, Florida, golf course,” Jan. 8, 1922. [LC-USZ62-35669]

In the Rogue's Gallery

“In the Rogue’s Gallery,” ca. 1898. [Digital ID: cph 3b39357]

[Too much style]

“Too much style” by Syd B. Griffin. Published Dec. 18, 1889 

Summary: A female rodent in glasses converses with a male rodent in a monacle who uses his tale as a cane. She knits and leans against a circular drum. [LC-USZ62-94639]

The Darwin club

“The Darwin Club” by Rea Irvin. Published March 15, 1915

Summary: Inside a grandly decorated men’s club distinguished-looking, elderly gentlemen interact with monkeys. One sits on a mantle, bonding with four monkeys. A monkey smokes a cigar and holds a newspaper with a bag of peanuts at his feet. One monkey, a waiter, brings a drink to a man reading a newspaper. Paintings of monkeys hang on the walls. [LC-USZ62-88147]

Mulberry ring - growing fat on ill gotten gains

“Mulberry ring – growing fat on ill gotten gains” by Thomas Nast. Published Apr. 17, 1892.

Summary: A bulldog, dressed in the uniform of the New York City police department located on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, leans against a billboard, brandishing a billy club. The policeman is surrounded by signs which point to the corrupt ways of the “Mulberry Ring,” labelled as “‘The Finest Despots in the World.'”  [LC-USZ62-85436]

[Girl playing horn, owl smoking pipe, boy in uniform conducting dog playing harmonica]

“Girl playing horn, owl smoking pipe, boy in uniform conducting dog playing harmonica,” ca. 1900-1910. [LC-USZ62-77014]

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