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Brooklyn Bridge

Posted by Laurie Frost on January 2, 2011

Construction on the Brookyn Bridge began January 3, 1870.  All images are from the Library of Congress’
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

Towers and span of the Brooklyn Bridge across the East River with view of Manhattan skyline in the background. c. 1915. LC-USZ62-74616

The Brooklyn Bridge cost $16,000,000. c.1902. LC-USZ62-55951


People standing and walking on Manhattan Tower. c. 1898. LC-USZ62-79046

New York from Brooklyn Heights, panoramic view. c. 1911. pan.6a11977

The great East River suspension bridge: connecting the cities of New York and Brooklyn. view from New York, looking south Bird's eye view, showing the complete system of the bridge - the promenade - cable car tracks - and carriage roadway. Currier & Ives, c 1890. LC-DIG-pga-03206

Manhattan entrance to Brooklyn Bridge, New York. c. 1905. LC-D4-18527

Crowd around New York end of the Brooklyn Bridge during rush hour when 3,000 people cross each minute. c. 1904. LC-USZ62-42820

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