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Flowers from the US Fish & Wildlife Service Digital Library

Posted by Laurie Frost on April 8, 2011

It’s April, so how about some flowers? The US Fish & Wildlife Service Digital Library is the source for all of these. Each image is accompanied by a lot of information, like file size, height, width, and full resolution size. I’m giving you the common and botanical name of the plant and the image’s ID number, in case you want to download copies directly from the site. Dr. Thomas G. Barnes of the University of Kentucky photographed these plants in the 1980s.

Credit lines should read as follows: Credit: Dr. Thomas G. Barnes/US Fish and Wildlife Service or Credit: Dr. Thomas G. Barnes/USFWS

Rocky Mountain Columbine [Aquilegia coerulea]. IMG0059.jpg.

Royal Catchfly [Silene regia]. IMG0071.jpg

Spotted Jewelweed [Impatiens capensis] . B1IMG0028.jpg

Wyoming Paintbrush [Castilleja linariifolia]. B1IMG0007.jpg

Adonis Blazingstar [Mentzelia multiflora]. B1IMG0064.jpg

Creeping Phlox [Phlox subulata]. B1IMG0021.jpg

Dwarf Larkspur [Delphinium tricorne]. B1IMG0032.jpg

Green Milkweed [Asclepias viridiflora]. B1IMG0062.jpg

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