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Christmas Cats

Posted by Laurie Frost on December 15, 2011

Stumbled across while browsing at random in the Library of Congress’s Prints & Photographs Online Catalog: cats at Christmas and having a pillow fight. Why not?

Cats decorating Christmas tree. By Louis Wain. 1906. LC-D416-29198

A Christmas catastrophe : please, sir, the rat entree has escaped and eaten the turkey. By Louis Wain. 1906. LC-D416-29197

“May every cat grow sleek and fat on turkey this Christmas Day” on sign above cat standing near center of table.

Cats in the dormitory. By Louis Wain. 1906 LC-D416-29199

And sending you greetings:


by John Scott Clubb. Published in the Rochester Herald, December 25, 1913.

And feasting and imbibing  and overdoing both:



By Currier and Ives,  c 1871.

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