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Flickr Commons: Stockholm Transport Museum

Posted by Laurie Frost on March 21, 2012

These images from the Flickr Commons are in the photostream provided by the Stockholm Transport Museum.

Artificial limbs aren’t what immediately come to mind when thinking of photos from a transportation museum, but they certainly do provide a means of movement.

Aftermath of the second world war. Shop window in London 1946.

Also in London, a nice view of double-decker buses.

Victoria bus station in London in 1927.

Elevator in the London underground.

This next one is interesting: old means facilitating new.

Installation of trolley bus wires with horse-drawn carriage assembly 1944. By Börje Gallén.

I like how you can see the snow fall in this next shot:

Stureplan, Stockholm in the winter of 1957. By Gunnar Ekelund.

Trams on Stureplan in Stockholm in 1949. By Gunnar Ekelund.

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