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Posted by Laurie Frost on April 28, 2014

Something simple this spring evening: pictures of flowers. These are from the category “Plants” at the USDA’s Digital Image Gallery. Give credit to the USDA and its photographer (if mentioned) for the use of these copyright-free images. Visit the site to see several dozen more and download size options.

Sunflowers, Image Number K5752-2, and Sunflowers in Fargo North Dakota, Image Number K5751-1. Both by Bruce Fritz.



 Clematis hybrid, Image Number K5546-14, by Scott Bauer


Wood sorrel, Oxalis, Image Number K5545-17, by Scott Bauer


Potato flowers, Image Number K4021-1, by Keith Weller


Fire lily, a Cyrtanthus hybrid, Image Number K5547-10,  by Scott Bauer


{short description of image}

Flower of bird-of-paradise, Image Number K9054-1, by Scott Bauer.

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From the Image Gallery of the Agricultural Research Service, USDA: Part 2

Posted by Laurie Frost on October 27, 2009

Small farm near Ames, Iowa

Last time I showed examples of public domain images of fruits and vegetables from the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Image Gallery. Here are some other examples from its nine categories of pictures; visit the site to download 640 pixel images. Catalog ID numbers and photographer, if available, are listed at the end. All images courtesy ARS-USDA.

Fire lily

Asian beetle


Wind turbines

Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota

Selectively bred carrots

Selectively bred carrots


Fire lily, a Cyrtanthus hybrid. K5547-10. Photo by Scott Bauer.

Barn. K7862-1. Scott Bauer.

Flower of bird-of-paradise. K9054. Scott Bauer.

Asian beetle, Harmonia axyridis. K7033-20. Scott Bauer.

Sunflowers. K5751-1. Photo by Bruce Fritz.

Wind turbines. K5474-13. Scott Bauer.

Carrots. K11611-1. Photo by Stephen Ausmus.

Charleston hot peppers. K5047-1. Scott Bauer.

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