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Images from NOAA: Beasts of the Seas

Posted by Laurie Frost on August 13, 2009


Green moray eel.  

Credit: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Source:  NOAA’s Coral Kingdom Collection [reef2568]

Getting back to NOAA — remember them? — the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, source for some great shots of polar bears in a previous post.

If the subject has anything to do with the skies or the seas, NOAA is involved.

The NOAA site has a Photo Library, and this is its policy:

Most NOAA photos and slides are in the public domain and CANNOT be copyrighted.

Although at present, no fee is charged for using the photos credit MUST be given to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce unless otherwise instructed to give credit to the photographer or other source.

I found 2 instances of clearly copyrighted images in my browse. Here’s the caption for one: “A Pigeon Guillemot. This image is copyrighted. Please contact Pieter Folkens at animalbytes@earthlink.netand phone … prior to using.” That’s about as unambiguous as you can get. A dropdown menu on the top of the Photo Library home page lists the site’s 22 collections, into which some 10,000 images have been classified. Most of these have self-explanatory titles: Coral Kingdom, Sanctuaries, NOAA in Space, National Severe Storm Labs (NSSL). The collections are further divided into albums. For example, Voyage to Inner Space — Exploring the Sea with NOAA includes Ocean Exploration, National Undersea Research Program, and History of Oceanography; NSSL albums are Tornadoes, Instruments, Sky Scenes, Lightning, and Hail.

Today, for no particular reason, I offer some images of unpleasant beasts of the seas. The numbers in the brackets following NOAA on the credit line are the image’s ID, an easy way to locate the picture using the search box, if, for example, you wish to download a high resolution photo (available for many images). The information accompanying the pictures isn’t always consistently presented; sometimes there’s a photographer named and sometimes not.



Credit: Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Source:  NOAA’s Coral Kingdom Collection [reef2567]


Manta Ray in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Credit: Photographer: Jackie Reid. Source: NOAA’s Sanctuaries Collection [sanc0410]



NOAA caption: This tiny and very dangerous Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish measures only an inch across. It was collected using a dip net over the rail of the R/V Seward Johnson during one evening’s “night-lighting” samplings.

Location: South Atlantic Bight, Southeast United States.   Photographer: Bruce Moravchik, NOAA                                  Credit: Islands in the Stream Expedition 2002. NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration.                                                                 Source: Voyage To Inner Space – Exploring the Seas With NOAA Collection [expl0363]


NOAA caption:

A purple striped jellyfish — Pelagia panopyra – possesses very potent stingers.                                 

Location: Monterrey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Credit: Photographer: Kip Evans. Source: NOAA’s Sanctuaries Collection [sanc0806]

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