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National Parks: WPA Federal Art Project Posters

Posted by Laurie Frost on October 15, 2009


The National Park Service [NPS] was the beneficiary of several initiatives under the New Deal’s Works Progress Administration [WPA], primarily through the work accomplished by the Civilian Conservation Corps in building roads and facilities in the parks.  Among the posters produced under the auspices of  the WPA Federal Art Project, some featured the NPS. A few of these are presented here. All are courtesy of the Library of Congress; number identifiers are listed at the post’s end.

While the next two do not name a national park, they seem likely based on Carlsbad Caverns and Arches.

Number identifiers

goats: ppmsca-23061

Grand Canyon: ppmsca 13397

Ft. Marion: ppmsca-13396

Lassen: ppmsca-13398

Zion: ppmsca-13400

Yellowstone: ppmsca 13399

cave: LC-USZC4-4243. Artist: Alexander Dux

arches: LC-USZC2-831. Artist: Frank S. Nicholson.

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