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Flickr Commons: National Media Museum, UK

Posted by Laurie Frost on February 25, 2012

The National Media Museum, Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom has an eclectic group of subsets in the Flickr Commons. Here are some examples.

The first 4 are among 22 “from two albums entitled ‘Official Australian War Photographs’, produced by the Australian War Records Section, established by the British government in 1917. These photographs are probably the work of official photographers James Francis (Frank) Hurley and George Hubert Wilkins.”

Taken September 27, 1917, Western Front: Western Front (Belgium), Menin Road Area Garter Point

"Gas." Australian troops with respirators on posed for the camera in the advance trench, Garter Point, 4th Division

Caption from AWM: "Supporting troops of the 1st Australian Division walking on a duckboard track near Hooge, in the Ypres Sector. They form a silhouettte against the sky as they pass towards the front line to relieve their comrades, whose attack the day before won Broodseinde Ridge and deepened the Australian advance. Taken October 5, 1917, at Western Front (Belgium), Menin Road Area, Hooge."

Supports going up after battle to relieve the front trenches, note the three observation balloons above the bright cloud

A dug-out in the trench. They are usually about 25 feet deep and have two rooms beneath

It’s hard to know what to place after these — and they are not the starkest and most disturbing of the set of WWI photos in this stream.

But these will do. They are from a group of 16 called, “Don McCullin Selects.” McCullin, a contemporary British photographer, selected these works from the National Media Museum’s collection to accompany an exhibition of his own photos of archaeological remains around the Mediterranean. Other images feature Pompeii, Rome, Greece, and Lebanon.

Francis Frith (1822-1898); 'Sculptures in the Great Temple, Philae', 1857

'Sculptures in the Great Temple, Philae'

Karnak - The Amon Temple. By Lehnert & Landrock of Cairo (Rudolf Lehnert (1878-1948) & Ernst Landrock (1878-1966)); about 1925

'Karnak - The Amon Temple'

There are 20 pictures in Kodak No.1 Circular Snapshots, the first point and shoot camera. Introduced in 1888, it produced 2.5″ diameter circular images.

Woman in a rowing boat, about 1890

Woman in a rowing boat

Hansom cab, 1888

Hansom cab

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