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Domesticated Animals: From the National Library of Ireland in the Flickr Commons

Posted by Laurie Frost on April 1, 2014

Another source on Flickr’s Commons, the National Library of Ireland, has 38 sets of pictures to choose from, including one called “4 Legs Good, 2 Legs Bad,” from which these come:

The Flickr description of this one of a Royal Welsh Fusilier with the Regimental Goat says it was taken around 1887 near Fermoy, Co. Cork.



A pug, circa 1900:



More is known about this photo, taken January 14, 1906: “This greyhound is Peerless de Wet, winner of the 1905 inaugural Irish Cup that is pictured here in pride of place (for Coursing, run at Limerick). The dog was born in 1902. He was owned by R.F. Phelan, who named his champion after General Christiaan Rudolf de Wet, a Boer General. One of these gentlemen may be R.F. Phelan.”


Here is Lieutenant H.J.P. King, an officer in the Royal Artillery, stationed at Waterford, in 1901:


Irish wolfhound Leitrim Boy, mascot for the Irish Guards, in 1917:


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