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All Saints Day, All Souls Day, Day of the Dead

Posted by Laurie Frost on October 31, 2011

November 1 and 2, All Saints Day and All Souls Day, or in Mexico and other parts of the world, the Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos, are the inspiration for this post featuring images from the Library of Congress’s Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

Gran bola de garbanceras que, por ser muy pretensiosas, se volverán calaveras podridas y apestosas. LC-DIG-ppmsc-04553

Calavera del drenaje. El mérito día de finados todos los que se restiraron por causa del drenaje. LC-DIG-ppmsc-04464


A Heap of bones in the cemetery [Necropolis Cristobal Colon], Havana. LC-D4-21573

Decorated gravemarker on All Saints’ Day, New Roads, Louisiana. Note the beaded ornament, which is made of wire and beads. Photo by Lee Russell, 1938. LC-USF33-011892-M4

Statue on grave in Cities of the Dead, New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Carol Highsmith.  LC-DIG-highsm-04806

Mexico, mummies in basement of church, Mexico City, between 1908 and 1919.  LC-DIG-npcc-19740

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