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Memorial Day, Part 2

Posted by Laurie Frost on May 28, 2011

Some images for Memorial Day from the Library of Congress’s Prints & Photographs Online Catalog [LC] and the National Archives [ARC].

Cemetery for American dead at Bougainville, 02/1944. ARC Identifier 532062

Standing in the grassy sod bordering row upon row of white crosses in an American cemetery, two dungaree-clad Coast Guardsmen pay silent homage to the memory of a fellow Coast Guardsman who lost his life in action in the Ryukyu Islands., ca. 1945 ARC Identifier 513229

Marines of the First Marine Division pay their respects to fallen buddies during memorial services at the division's cemetery at Hamhung, Korea, following the break-out from Chosin Reservoir., 12/13/1950 ARC Identifier 532411

St. Mihiel American Cemetery, near Thiaucourt, France. Soldier Monument and Chapel., ca. 1925 - ca. 1935 ARC Identifier 532059

Veterans' Cemetery, Window Rock, AZ 05/1972. By Terry Eiler. ARC Identifier 544423

Burial of the victims of the Maine in their final resting place, Arlington Cemetery, Va., Dec. 28, 1899. LC-USZ62-92665

Chaplain Jesse H. Crosset officiates at a military funeral on the island. Here atop a hill are the remains of the seven soldiers, mainly pilots who lost their lives in action against the Japs. Alaska. LC-USW33-024269-C

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